A&W Sriracha Teen Burger

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I don’t usually review fast food, especially not on the blog, but I happened to have my camera with me and was trying the new A&W Sriracha Teen Burger so I figured why not. A&W is probably one of the better fast food restaurants in Canada, especially in the recent years and I have to admit I’m somewhat of a fan of their new, yet retro look.

Sriracha Teen Burger at A&W

Sriracha Teen Burger ($5)

I usually never order a Teen Burger because I dislike having mustard, pickles, and onions in my burgers and tend to forget requesting them to be removed when ordering. The Sriracha Teen however, is different. They took those things out and stuck in Roasted Bell Peppers and Sriracha Aioli. This seems like one of those gimmicky features that a restaurant will try just to get some extra attention, but all of it actually works really well together.

The Sriracha flavour is present but not overpowering, and gives the burger a nice, somewhat trailing, spiciness. Of course, you have your usual lettuce, tomato, beef patty, cheddar, and double smoked hickory roasted bacon, but the roasted red peppers gives this burger a finishing touch to complement that Sriracha Aioli. I like this burger so much that I hope A&W keeps it on their regular menu!

Fries at A&W

Russet Thick Cut Fries

I love the fries as well, and the basket they now use to serve them in makes it feel like an experience that’s more than just fast food. Something I appreciate about A&W burgers is that they tend to look well put together like how their pictures portray them to be, which is a rarity with other chains. The beltline location is the closest one to my work, so I’ve been here a few times and the service is always friendly. I highly recommend giving the new Sriracha Teen Burger a try!

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