First Impressions – Anything special stand out immediately?

Restaurant Name – Does it have a meaning? Is it witty? Is it the owner’s name?

Location – Middle of nowhere? Downtown? Places within Proximity? If it’s a new restaurant, what used to be in the space before it?

Date/Time – Saturday Night vs Monday Afternoon? Operating hours? Opens late? Opens only for dinner on certain days?

Ownership – Family run? Relation to other restaurants? (Maybe they own other ones, etc.)

Decor – Old, Modern, Hipster, 80s, etc. Describe it.

Atmosphere – Family-oriented? Younger crowd?

Theme – Hungarian? Pirates?

Attire – Anything Special?


Menu Items
Variety – Did you have trouble deciding? Anything you wanted to order but didn’t?
Portions –
Pricing –
Taste –
Texture –
Presentation –
Specials offered throughout the week – Wing nights, Chef’s tasting, etc.


Words to describe food:

MacMillan Dictionary